Come get your hands dirty with us!

NATIVE PLANT POLLINATOR GARDENS Monarch Butterfly - Flying - Transparent

Two volunteers  per school are needed for 50 area schools on Friday April 15 for a 2 to 3 hour commitment.

You will be picking up a planting kit from an area High School.

You will be connecting with a lead teacher and selecting a specific time to plant with a class.

You will be leading a short lesson in pollinators and native plants (all information is provided in a narrative format).  You will also have time to share what you do with a class of students.

Please sign up here or contact Native Plant Pollinator Garden Coordinator Leah Hindel to select your school.

Leah Hindel - Squared  Leah Hindel


  704 564-9157


Volunteering culminates with the planting of a recognition sign and a group photo.

Pollinator Garden Sign - Duke - Rotary   Students Around Sign - Small





At the end of your planting session you will take a group photo and send it to Melissa Lefko for posting on GTN Social Media.  This will trigger your butterfly logo to go up on our web site map dedicated to this project.

Proclamation – City of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County.PDF

Proclamation - Native Plant Planting Day