Native Plant Pollinator Gardens

Thanks to our sponsors 60+ schools planted a native plant pollinator garden on Friday, April 15th, 2016 with a class, lead teacher and two volunteers.

Read the Seeds of Knowledge story written by Yaviri A. Escalera, Media Relations Specialist for CMSabout planting day at Oaklawn Language Academy.

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 Native Pollinator Garden wo Index

Downloadable Support Documents:
Teacher Resource Guide Garden Planting Chart
Volunteer Guide Bee Protocol
Garden Layout Composting w/ Worms lesson
Video Guidelines:
Teachers Volunteers
Lead Teacher Memos:
Memo #1 – Garden Layout, Teacher Guidelines and Bee Videos Memo #5 – Composting Lesson & Bee Protocol lesson
Memo #2 – Volunteers, Soil, Labels, Butterflies Memo #6 – Butterfly Map, Media and Dignitaries
Memo #3 – Planting Kit, Signage, Rotary, Hummingbirds Memo #7 – Summer Maintenance Recommendations – coming April 19
Memo #4 – Native Pollinator Plant Blooming & Growth Chart


 Leah Hindel - Squared For more information or to volunteer for April 15, contact: Leah Hindel, Outdoor Learning Coordinator  (704) 564-9157
 Melissa Lefko Send the Group Photos to Melissa Lefko:  (301) 221-8702


What you will receive April 15, 2016
Garden kit:  plants, layout, bamboo, worm castings, garden guide and signage for this garden (lead teacher coordinates site and site preparation as well as timing with volunteers).  Pollinator Garden Sign - GTN - Non-PNG
Two corporate volunteers who will help you teach a 20-minute lesson with one class of students in your garden area (or classroom if weather is inclement), a 10-minute project overview and then the class will be divided into thirds.  Each group will rotate through 3 – 5 minute sessions  planting, composting/worm castings and a bee protocol.
Your sign and Garden Guide have links to resources and web sites to enhance your pollinator and native plant experience.  
At the end of the lesson, your class, volunteers and lead teacher are asked to take a group photo and email it to Melissa Lefko.  Photos will be posted to social media and Melissa will authorize a butterfly geocoded to your school to be placed on the butterfly map on our website. Please continue to share your photos as your garden grows and you observe pollinators.