Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Happy Spring, GTN Teachers!

BoyAndWateringCanAs the weather warms we wanted to share some plant maintenance thoughts with you.

Unlike in the winter, your gardens will grow rapidly in the spring and will need careful watering to keep them alive and happy. You will also begin to have more visitors (bees, moths, butterflies, birds).  It’s a great time to engage your students outdoors through observation, measurement, identification and imagination.  All subjects align with outdoor learning.

WATERING GUIDELINES – page 31 in Schoolyard Gardening and Tasting Guide

  • Seeds need to stay moist once they are planted – don’t let them dry out or they will die. Water early in the morning, if possible. Daily watering is recommended, and please water lightly.
  • Established plants can be watered deeply every other or every third day.  If leaves look wilted they need more water.  Don’t water every day or they won’t establish deep roots.
  • Remember the finger test – stick your finger into the soil to your large knuckle – if the soil is not wet it needs more water.
  • Mulching your garden bed will help minimize weeds, keep your soil cool and help retain moisture.

Send us your pictures of your growing gardens!


John Huber

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