#GivingTuesdayCLT – Why Support Green Teacher Network

#GivingTuesdayCLT – Why Support Green Teacher Network

logoIf your vision matches our vision of healthy, academically successful and social justice conscience children, then today you have a chance to support Green Teacher Network.

edna-givingtuesday185 area schools are engaged in school gardening and tasting of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Teacher workshops, tastings and help from over 20 Resource Partners in our community are working to combat:

CHILDHOOD OBESITY – 30% of our children are overweight (19%) or obese (12%). Many don’t know a tomato grow on a vine, an egg comes from a chicken.  Many have never smelled or eaten a fresh peach.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GAP – Our inner city kids start school 6000 hours behind due to their caregivers not having transportation or resources to take them to our science museums, parks. Safety issues prevent them from exploratory play outside.

NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER – Many of our children seldom get outside and have disconnected with natural eco-systems.  Teachers are not taught how to take students outside.  Green Teacher Network provides teacher workshop training to encourage outdoor learning.   WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT



DONATE TODAY    www.gtnCharlotte.org/donate

VOLUNTEER TODAY – Email Leah Hindel lhindel@GTNCharlotte.orggardening-givingtuesday


Edna Chirico

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